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Pizza Hut's 'pie Top' Sneakers Allow You To Order Pizza To Your Location

Pizza Hut Pie Top 2Pizza Hut Pie Top 2
Pizza Hut Pie Top 2 1
Pizza Hut Pie Top 1
Pizza Hut Pie Tops 1

UPDATE: In case you though Pizza Hut were joking about that 'Pie Top' sneaker – the one that orders pizza with the push of a button – they've now given us a detailed look at the product. Pattern stamped, hand printed leather, an 'optimised heel strap' and a pizza-summoning button can all be seen up close. We're not quite seeing when we can press a button to order the sneakers yet, but as soon as we suss it out we'll be sure to share.

We’re living in a whole new world of food delivery. After progressing from phone calls, to websites, to apps – we’ve now come to what we hope is the final frontier of food ordering: sneakers. Pizza Hut have brought us the game changer by way of their new ‘Pie Top’ shoe model. Grant Hill (the man responsible for FILA 96s) debuted the model in a commercial where he demonstrates how pressing the logo on the tongue gets a pizza delivered to his location.

A tweet from Darren Rovell informs that the shoes will be released, but the run is limited to 64 pairs which are allocated to the NCAA tournament.


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