Nikei D Pendleton 6
Nikei D Pendleton 9
Nikei D Pendleton 8
Nikei D Pendleton 7
,Nikei D Pendleton 5
Nikei D Pendleton 4
Nikei D Pendleton 3
Nikei D Pendleton 2
Nikei D Pendleton 1

Pendleton Fabrics Are Now Available On Nikeid

Nike and fellow Beaverton natives Pendleton are showing their Oregon pride with three premium NIKEiD make-ups. Pendleton Nikes are always a treat. Every time the esteemed wool manufacturer works with the Swoosh – whether on colabs or past NIKEiD collections – the results are always memorable. This drop proves to be no different and boasts an Air Presto Mid, a Roshe and an Huarache – each championing local treasures. The Air Presto Mid references Spider Woman (the Navajo deity, not a Peter Parker counterpart), the Roshe One shows colours of the Diamond State Park and the Huarache celebrates local goddess, Mictecacihuatle.

All designs will be up on NDC for you to tinker with to your heart’s content on November 3.

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