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PANGAIA and Zellerfeld Print the ‘Absolute Sneaker’

PANGAIA Zellerfeld Absolute Sneaker
PANGAIA Zellerfeld Absolute Sneaker
PANGAIA Zellerfeld Absolute Sneaker
PANGAIA Zellerfeld Absolute Sneaker

Zellerfeld continue to partner with innovative designers and maximise the potential of their ambitious machines. This time, PANGAIA boldly announce their ‘Absolute Sneaker’.

PANGAIA are a materials science company on a quest to ‘save the environment’ by way of discovering new manufacturing techniques and exploring bio-engineering opportunities. This makes them the perfect partner for Zellerfeld, who specialise in on-demand shoe manufacture to minimise waste.

‘Zellerfeld circumvents the traditional footwear development challenges with their proprietary printing system that allows you to create a mono-material, circular and on-demand product that is both durable and comfortable. This partnership with Zellerfeld focuses on our waste reduction research pillar due to the efficiencies gained through this innovative printing process which supports our exploration into process innovation within PANGAIA. The goal here is to pair both material and process innovation in such a way that it transforms the typical product supply chain,’ says Craig Smith, director of research and development at PANGAIA.

The ‘Absolute Sneaker’ is an organically shaped slip-on made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), rather than the 40 or so different materials on average required to manufacture a shoe. The difference here is that TPU can be broken down to be remade into new product – something PANGAIA have incentivised by offering customers $30 vouchers towards their next purchase if they return their old shoes.

Orders for the ‘Absolute Sneaker’ will open on April 14 via PANGAIA.

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