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Palace Revive adidas' Fat-Striped O'Reardon

Palace X Adidas Oreardon 1

are further cementing their place ‘on das cutting edge’ of streetwear by reviving fat-striped O’Reardon. Turning 21 this year, the unapologetically 90s sneaker has officially come of age. Though it’ll eventually get around to the no-holds-barred hedonism that the milestone legally affords, for the moment it’s doing something most 21-year-olds do: reinventing itself.

The O’Reardon might have looked normal back in ’96, but it’s returning to the streets with complete disregard for trends. Decidedly dated with Three Stripe branding that looks like xylophone bars, the sneaker goes against adidas’ other tech-laden offerings. It’s not clear whether the O’Reardon is too grown up to wear its inch-thick laces, but we hope it comes with them for old times’ sake.

The Palace x adidas O’Reardon will be available from Palace on September 30.

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