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Drake X Air Jordan 12 Ovo White Stingray

Drake X Air Jordan 12 Ovo (Stingray)

UPDATE: It's finally happening. After seeing views of the 12 earlier this week, it has been confirmed that the fancy Drake x Air Jordan 12 OVO 'Stingray' will finally be hitting stores this October – and even sooner than we thought. Buying these AJ12s won't be Child's Play but, because they're hitting SNKRS, copping this Jumpman will be the Furthest Thing from having to Change Locations like you're Used To. Faithful to previous OVO drops, there's No Tellin' what these will go for on the resale market, but Lord Knows that with all the Hype it'll be Too Much. But if you go through The Motion correctly, you won't be caught Doing It Wrong, wasting Energy clearing 10 Bands of Scholarship money out of your account. Just head to the SNKRS page of Nike online on October 1, do the Digital Dash and it will all be Over.

UPDATE: This Drake x Air Jordan 12 OVO 'Stingray' was all but promised to have us vibing all summer '16, but it never came. Though Views From The 6 placated our need for all things OVO for a time, when the memes cleared we were left in wait – until now. Nike have just released official images of the shoe, meaning that a release is imminent. The Stingray AJ10s dropped on Drake's birthday last year, so could this be another October 24 release? It's not clear, but if one thing's for sure – them boys are definitely up to something. We'll let you know when we find out what exactly.

With Views From the 6 just days away, this week was already shaping up to be pretty great week for Drizzy fans. Well, it looks like the Champagne Papi's gone and done us one better. After two years and counting, it looks like the 'White Stingray' incarnation of the OVO Air Jordan 12 will finally hit stores in mid-2016. According to DJ Folk, the OVO AJ 12s have a placeholder release date of July 30, which means they could be dropping without warning anytime in July or August. Like 2015's OVO Air Jordan 10, the OVO 12s embrace a clean white aesthetic with a combination of premium leather, stingray leather and gold hits making for some seriously decadent Jays.

No release details are locked down just yet, but you can bank on numbers being limited and demand being high.  For those with online check-out skills on point, be ready to put them to the test over at on release.

– Originally published on April 27, 2016.

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