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The adidas Blackburn SPZL Auctions for $65,000 on eBay

Adidas Blackburn AuctionAdidas Blackburn Auction

It’s not all and fuelling the resale market — there are some unlikely contenders putting numbers on the boards too.

The  Blackburn SPZL released last week and was limited to 200 pairs. Pairs sold for $125, with proceeds going to charity Nightsafe in Blackburn, England.

It was expected that pairs would hit eBay, but it wasn’t expected that bids would reach this high. One auction cleared all others, with a bidding war creeping up to $65,000. It’s not clear if money passed hands, but we do know that a wider release of the Blackburns — virtually the same, save for the insole —  are dropping on October 11.

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