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On Foot: The Lunar Force 1 Duckboot 'Winter White'

Lunar Force Duckboot 2 Sneaker FreakerLunar Force Duckboot 2 Sneaker Freaker
Lunar Force Duckboot 3 Sneaker Freaker
Lunar Force Duckboot Sneaker Freaker

If you're unable to get your mittens on the upcoming  release, don't fret!  have just released another all-white iteration of their winter staple boot and, if you're prepared to sacrifice the co-sign and the zipped upper, it makes for a pretty nice alternative.

On-foot pics of the   Low Premium 'Winter White' have begun to roll in, and the low-top's looking as fresh as an untouched snowfall. White is a brave colour choice for winter footwear, as it's often ruined by the force of the frost. However, Nike were adamant that the sturdy synthetic upper would keep these kicks in pristine condition. But, we'll need to see the Duckboots on a hike through some wetlands before we declare these to be the white sneaker that never gets dirty.

The release formed part of the Swoosh's four-part , so check out the other models if this isn't to your taste. Catch the Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot Low Premium now over at Overkill.

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