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Ohkoos X New Balance 520

Korean boutique OHKOOS have put their own spin on the recently revived New Balance 520, and in doing so they’ve pretty much closed the book on clean vintage style. Reflecting on the shoe’s US heritage and the era in which it was born, the team have used black and white photographs from the 70s as their main source of design inspiration.

To begin with, they’ve selected an off-white, beige and black palette to represent the faded charm of the reference material. Next, they’ve built the shoe up with nylon and fuzzy suede to mimic the decade's heavy use of synthetic fabrics and its predilections for wild textures. The lightweight build sits atop a buffed EVA sole, which provides classic comfort as well as adding to the period-correct feel. To seal the deal, the insole has been branded with New Balance and Ohkoos logos – a suitably subtle sign-off on a timeless colab.

The OHKOOS x New Balance U520 will be releasing in limited numbers on July 14 at OHKOOS, complete with a throwback box and custom hang tag.

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