Nike Kyrie S2 Hybrid ‘CNY
Nike Kyrie S2 Hybrid ‘CNY
Nike Kyrie S2 Hybrid ‘CNY
,Nike Kyrie S2 Hybrid ‘CNY
Nike Kyrie S2 Hybrid ‘CNY

Official Pics: Nike Kyrie S2 Hybrid ‘CNY’

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have been looking absolutely lethal in Brooklyn, the dynamic duo already instilling plenty of fear in the Eastern Conference.

Both enigmatic ankle breakers also share some of the nastiest signature sneakers in the league, the Kyrie 7 and KD 13 already dilating pupils across the first week of the NBA season.

The latest Nike Kyrie S2 Hybrid (which combines elements of the Kyrie 4, Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6) is now arriving in a ‘CNY’ colourway, the design of course paying homage to The Year of the Ox (which occurs every 12 years). Composed with a mix of mosaics, dragons and floral elements, the mid-cut signature silhouette is emblazoned with Kyrie’s signature logo on the tongue, while the heel counter again features the customary all-seeing eye.

No release date has yet been confirmed by Nike, but we'll keep you updated.

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