ARTICLE BY Olivia Finlayson
Off White Bandage Sneaker
Off White Bandage Sneaker
Off White Bandage Sneaker

Off-White's “CST-100” Will Have Fans Regardless

Its sexiness is right there in its name: the “CST-100” Bandage Sneaker.

The latest out of Abloh HQ is a high-cut boot with a little bit of everything: laces, straps, arrows, zip ties etc. Let’s start with the two fat straps, which offer all the convenience of Velcro without the inconvenience of not having laces. Perfect!

A thick sole with sturdy tread should keep you from slipping but won't prevent lapses in judgement.

Off-White's “CST-100” Bandage Sneaker is releasing June 20. (Save some bandage for the wounds these will inflict on your wallet.)

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