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No, It's Not a VaporMax, It's an ANTA Air Cushion

Anta Rip Off Vapormax 5Anta Rip Off Vapormax 5
Anta Rip Off Vapormax 4
Anta Rip Off Vapormax 3
Anta Rip Off Vapormax 2
Anta Rip Off Vapormax 1

Corporate biting is part of the sneaker landscape. Sometimes it feels as if there’s some sort of 'footwear silhouette' stock photo catalogue that brands just flip through to pick new releases. In some cases it’s hilarious — like with the guy who licensed the first in China — and sometimes it’s plain egregious — like everything Skechers for.

The  Air Cushion's resemblance to is so striking it could be charged with assault. Everything from the shape to the knit to the Air bubble is straight from a Beaverton design studio. However, as an American company, Nike have their work cut out for them if they want to charge the China-based ANTA. New Balance have won  in similar cases, but were famously fined $16 million USD by a Chinese court for even trying.

If you like the design, or want your cardio workout to look more like Klay Thompson's, you can find these VaporHacks here.

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