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No More L's: Extra Butter Offer Unlimited Access to New Releases

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Sick of taking L’s on release day? Well, you could be spared from that all-too-familiar disappointment for six glorious months. By what miracle, you ask? new iPhone app. To celebrate its launch, the NYC retailer will award a Gold Pass – i.e. unlimited access to new releases – to one lucky sneaker lover.

In addition to the app’s standard offerings – VIP info regarding new products, access to key product launches, events and effortless Apple Pay – the winner will be neck-deep in W’s all the way through 'til December 1.

That doesn’t mean the Chosen One can snap up every shoe of every drop – there are some rules:

  • The Gold Pass holder can purchase one pair from each new sneaker release
  • The shoes must be in the pass holder’s size
  • Extra Butter need to be notified 48 hours prior to the release of the holder’s intent to purchase.

Seems fair. The comp is open to local and global customers, so to throw your hat in the ring, download the Extra Butter app and sign up before May 25.

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