Nike Flyknit 360 New Technology 1
Nike Flyknit 360 New Technology 1
Nike Flyknit 360 New Technology 1

Nike's Next-Gen Flyknit Has Arrived

Tied in with the unveiling of the new Mercurial football boots, Nike also revealed the next generation of production technology with 360-degree Flyknit uppers.

Where the brand’s knitted uppers have previously been produced using a process known as flat-knitting – which sees the shoe’s upper produced in a flat sheet before being attached to the sole – the new method allows the entire foot-hugging upper to be knitted to the exact shape of the shoe. After it’s been formed according to digitally engineered specifications, the upper goes through a thermoforming process to give it an extra-precise fit.

The new technology will allow the Swoosh to create lighter, better-fitting and more breathable shoes. On top of that, the increased use of knitted elements massively reduces waste, seeing as there aren’t any offcuts.

The first commercial example of 360-degree Flyknit will be available on the Mercurial Superfly 360 and Mercurial Vapor 360 on February 14. And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the Off-White x Nike Mercurial VaporMax.

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