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Nike's 'Light Bone' Air VaporMax Utility Just Works

Sometimes a sneaker just works; the colours gel like old mates at a cook-out and the silhouette cooperates for a feast on the eyes. A classic example of this would the ‘Bred’ 1s, but many releases — like this ‘Light Bone’ Air VaporMax Utility — tend to go unnoticed.

To the colourist in the dungeons of Beaverton who churned this beauty out — we see you. The sneaker blends tan accents with creamy knit and grounds it in a jet black heel. The look is set off with small pops of orange. Merge all this with the sneaker’s 'technical luxury' vibe and you’ve got a banger that deserves more shine.

Those who know what’s good for them can grab pairs now from Feature.

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