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Nike's Latest 'What The' Is For 90s Kids

Nike Uptempo What The 90SNike Uptempo What The 90S
Nike Af1 What The 90S
Nike Presto Extreme What The 90S
Nike Huarache Extreme What The 90S

Say the words ‘What The’ to a sneakerhead, and they’ll give you a knowing look. Show a  ‘What The’ to the uninitiated, and they’ll look at you in horror. The 'What The' is about as divisive as a shoe can be.

The latest, the ‘What the 90s’ pack, features an , , Extreme WT and Extreme; each sports the signature mishmash of colours and patterns. The technicolour shoes scream 90s, and the theme is helped along with a solid dose of Nickelodeon-esque scribbles.

These might being making big kids particularly nostalgic, but they'll only be available for the little'uns, dropping in GS and PS sizes soon.

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