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Nike's Huarache and Air Raid Get Mixed and Matched

Nike Air Raid Huarache Hypbrid 6Nike Air Raid Huarache Hypbrid 6
Nike Air Raid Huarache Hypbrid 3
Nike Air Raid Huarache Hypbrid 5
Nike Air Raid Huarache Hypbrid 2
Nike Air Raid Huarache Hypbrid 4
Nike Air Raid Huarache Hypbrid 1

Tucked away in the tunnels of design offices, we imagine there's a room full of interns plucking pieces of paper from a hat. ‘,’ the first of them reads aloud; a ripple of laughter rolls across the room – it’s always the Huarache. Next, a pasty-faced wannabe sneaker designer unfolds a ragged-edged scrap and announces ‘.' Snorts, gasps, squeals. Thus, a new hybrid is born.

And thanks to that entirely fictional intrepid team of mix and match maestros, the new sneaker combines elements of two popular archival models to give us a whole new experience. The bold strapping of the Air Raid shores up the sleek bootie-like upper of the Huarache. A heel cage and midsole profile seem to blend both silhouettes, while the round rubber badge on the tongue signifies that the newcomer has been accepted into the growing Huarache clan.

There isn’t much information available regarding release of the Nike Air Huarache / Air Raid hybrid, but we’ll keep you posted.

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