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Nike's Canvas Air Force 1 Looks Familiar

Missed out on Travis Scott’s Air Force 1 colab last month? Don’t worry, Nike are bringing La Flame’s canvas styling to a GR AF-1.

It’s been the sneaker industry’s modus operandi of late: they release a super-hyped colab (in limited numbers, obviously), take the model’s unique features, dumb them down, and then release in mass quantities.

Sure, it lets in those who missed out on the initial action, while allowing the hypebeasts to remain on their self-proclaimed pedestal, safe in the knowledge that they have the real version. But doesn’t that just take the shine off the whole thing?

Or maybe it doesn't. Just as diffusion lines democratise high fashion without compromising the couture, so sneaker brands are reaching wider audiences. Maybe this is just the next fashion frontier.

You be the judge when these hit stores on September 6.

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