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Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Black2
Nike Joyride Run Flyknit
Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Black3
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Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Black1
Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Black5,
Nike Joyride Optik Grey6
Nike Joyride Optik Grey4
Nike Joyride Optik Grey1
Nike Joyride Optik Grey5
Nike Joyride Optik Grey3
Nike Joyride Cc Colourways3
Nike Joyride Cc Colourways1
Nike Joyride Cc Colourways2

Nike's New Joyride Cushioning Arrives Soon, Here's What We Know About It

A mysterious new cushioning innovation from Nike dubbed ‘Joyride’ has got the sneakersphere’s eyebrows raised. Bearing a resemblance to PUMA’s flash-in-the-pan Jamming technology from 2017, Joyride makes use of similar bean-bag-style beads in the sole to provide underfoot cushioning.

Little is currently known about Joyride, but it looks like Beaverton have big plans for the tech.

‘The end of Q1 will unveil Joyride, which is a platform that I am incredibly excited about,’ explains Nike CEO Mark Parker. ‘This new approach to cushioning will deliver a more personalised feeling for runners at every level. I’ve been wearing different versions over the last year and it’s extremely comfortable. We think the design has great potential to stand-out with the consumer in both performance and lifestyle.’

So far, we’ve got sneak peeks at three different models. None of which have Beaverton's stamp of approval, so we have to keep in mind that the final product could look wildly different, but so far internet theorists are calling these the Joyride Run Flyknit, Joyride Optik, and Joyride CC. Each sneaker will be packed with tiny foam beads underfoot which are designed to conform to each step for comfort that stands up over time.

In the case of the Run Flyknit model, the Joyride foam beads are contained in four strategically-placed pockets for a performance-geared feel. On the flipside, the Optik and CC (pictured above and below) appear to be lifestyle-focussed releases.

There’s various rumours circulating regarding a release rollout, with some sources suggesting a July 25 drop, while others are suggesting August.

Whatever the case, be sure to peep the shots of the three Joyride sneakers in the slider above. We’ll be sure to bring more developments to you as they surface.

Will you jump aboard this Joyride?

Pics via US11.

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