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Nike's Air Max Plus Minus the Vibe

Unless you’re taking its upper and attaching it to a VaporMax sole unit, there’s no need to tamper with the TN... yet here we are staring at this weirdly nude Air Max Plus Ultra.

If you want to siphon the life out of a TN, simply strip it of its stripes. The model’s Ultra makeover saw uppers cast in mesh and the shoe’s iconic exoskeleton flattened in the name of ‘lightweight’. And then, inexplicably, Nike took things step further and peeled off the TN’s stripes altogether, resulting in this muted take on the rambunctious model.

Little of the sneaker's signature DNA remains, leaving us to question: what’s the appeal? We're not sure. But if you are, stay tuned and we’ll update with release info when it surfaces.

In the meantime, polish your Tuned Air knowledge here: Material Matters: Tuned Air And The Air Max Plus.

Images: US11.

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