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Nike's Air Max 95 Goes on The Grid
Release: 26 December 2018

Style Code: AO2450-100

Colourway: Grid

Bear Grylls—loving luddites always talk about the freedom of going ‘off the grid’, of ditching all technology and embracing the wilds. But doing that would mean no sneaker blogs and, therefore, a trash and meaningless existence.

Nike’s new Air Max 95 is taking a stance against the idiocy of disconnecting from the online world and proudly going on the grid. Its uppers come latticed with lines like a Tron racetrack, and plastic suffuses from purple to clear over the toe-box.

Enable 4G on your phone, tablet or laptop, turn on all locations services so Nike can track your buying habits and offer you helpful pop-up ads, and load up NDC. They’ll be available on Boxing Day.

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