ARTICLE BY Olivia Finlayson
Air Max 95 Silver Bullet
Air Max 95 Silver Bullet2
Air Max 95 Silver Bullet3

Nike's Air Max 95 Goes Faster Than a Silver Bullet

In the canon of legendary colourways, there are some more legendary than others. ‘Silver Bullet’ is one such scheme. Although best known for its life on the Air Max 97, ‘Silver Bullet’ is a versatile beast.

Here on an Air Max 95, the famous make-up's varying shades of grey and pops of red work a treat. Maybe it’s due to the 95's thickly layered panels, which evolved into the 97’s smooth waves, but if there was ever a model to rock the Bullet with ease, it’s Sergio Lozano’s 95. (If we're being finicky, this rendition is 'inspired by' the 'Silver Bullet'.)

We'll update as soon as release info comes in.

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