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Nike's Air Force 1 Sage Low Offers Fresh Perspective on a Classic

Nike have delivered their next expression of ‘The 1 Reimagined’ movement by evolving the iconic Air Force 1 with a new silhouette, custom built for her. The Air Force 1 Sage Low literally takes the classic sneaker to new heights, introducing a 35 per cent increase in stock height, while still maintaining the aesthetic that’s made it one of the greatest builds of all time.

Envisioned by a creative collective of female Nike designers given unparalleled freedom to reimagine the AF-1 for the female consumer, the Sage Low model offers up a fresh perspective. However, it also pays homage to the past, staying true to the design DNA of the court classic.

Designed by Bruce Kilgore in 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 was tested by college ballers before making the move to the bright lights of the NBA, where it was made famous by some of the the game’s most fearsome big men. Its simple styling and casual appeal were undeniable, thus began the AF-1’s crossover from court crep to streetwear staple.

Since then, the AF-1 has been used as a canvas by creatives from all corners of the sneakersphere, with more than 2,000 different iterations — both high and low — created since its debut. Despite all that, it’s hard to go past the unmistakable white-on-white colourway as the most endearing of the bunch. It’s the definition of clean, and remains one of the most ubiquitous sneakers on the scene today.

Modelled by the uber-talented Jorja Smith, the AF-1 Sage Low takes on the same timeless minimalism of the aforementioned all-white classic. Spiced up with a wedge midsole and a pared-down upper, the AF-1’s traditional overlays have been removed and replaced with rolled edges for a bold yet feminine look.

The Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low is available now at and select Nike stores.

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