Nike Pocket Knife Dm 2
Nike Pocket Knife Dm 13
Nike Pocket Knife Dm 12
Nike Pocket Knife Dm 11
,Nike Pocket Knife Dm 10
Nike Pocket Knife Dm 9
Nike Pocket Knife Dm 8
Nike Pocket Knife Dm 7
Nike Pocket Knife Dm 6
Nike Pocket Knife Dm 5
Nike Pocket Knife Dm 4
Nike Pocket Knife Dm 3
Nike Pocket Knife Dm 1
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 13
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 12
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 11
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 10
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 9
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 8
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 7
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 6
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 5
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 4
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 3
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 2
Nikelab Pocketknife Dm 1

NikeLAB Pocket Knife Dm New Colourways

UPDATE: The new Pocket Knife has carved its image on our hearts and lodged itself in our minds – we just can't stop thinking about it. Luckily, this is one sharp lookin' object that be taken onboard a commercial aviation service – meaning the new style has just gone global. Check out your local now or hit up Invincible and throw down the plastic.

The new NikeLAB Pocket Knife DM is one sharp looking shoe. Drawing its design inspiration from a late-90s ACG style, the modern version is flexible and easy to get into, while the interlocking webbing lace system will stay secure when hitched up tight. Three new colourways remind us of the classic All Conditions looks, with pops of contrast against earthy tones and textured leather. The minimal construction towards the toe gives the shoe a Presto-esque look, which leaves us with no doubt that the new Pocket Knife will be a comfortable shoe for kicking about the campsite.

The new NikeLAB Pocketknife DM colourways will be available from July 1 at select stockists and online from NDC.

– Originally published June 28, 2017

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