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NikeLAB Free Huarache Carnivore (Beige)

Nikelab Free Huarache Carnivore Bone 31Nikelab Free Huarache Carnivore Bone 31
Nike Air Carnivore 1 640X426
Nikelab Free Huarache Carnivore Bone 3
Nikelab Free Huarache Carnivore Bone 2
Nikelab Free Huarache Carnivore Bone 1

After analysing a cheeky leaker of the yesterday, NikeLAB today officially unveils the new silhouette but with a slight difference to the Cottweiler leak. The most noticeable difference to yesterday's look is the large Yeezy-esque toe strap, which looks kinda out of place for such a stripped-back silhouette – but heck, forefoot straps are dope and the OG Carnivore (below) had one, so we'll let this slide! Beige premium leather makes up a majority of the chopped and screwed upper, leaving a speckled Free 5.0 outsole and removable white neoprene bootie to play the contrasting dance. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for the Huarache family, but one prediction is that there will be a lot of Huarache love-children running around the traps real soon! Check these dropping at NikeLab locations on June 19.

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