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Nikelab Acg 07 Kmtr FeatureNikelab Acg 07 Kmtr Feature
Nike Lab Acg 07 Kmtr10
Nike Lab Acg 07 Kmtr9
Nike Lab Acg 07 Kmtr8
Nike Lab Acg 07 Kmtr7
Nike Lab Acg 07 Kmtr6
Nike Lab Acg 07 Kmtr5
Nike Lab Acg 07 Kmtr4
Nike Lab Acg 07 Kmtr3
Nike Lab Acg 07 Kmtr2
Nike Lab Acg 07 Kmtr1
Nike Lab Acg 07 Kmtr
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr Thumb
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 15
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 14
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 13
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 12
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 11
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 10
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 9
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 8
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 7
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 6
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 5
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 4
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 3
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 2
Nikelab Acg 07 Cmtr 1

UPDATE: Bodega Store have already got their hands on these impressively technical NikeLAB ACG.07.KMTRs, and naturally they couldn't help but hold a photoshoot to show them off. The images address any questions we had regarding how the shoes look on foot – and reveals them to be just as amazing as we hoped. If you want to make tracks in these, pay attention to Bodega's online store on May 18 and they'll see you right.

UPDATE: There's more to this sneaker than meets the eye! have released a closer look at the ACG.07.KMTR, demonstrating its unique securing system and giving us a closer look at the model's finer details.

Officially the first iteration of the new Nike Komyuter silhouette, the ACG.07.KMTR features a four-way stretch water-resistant upper shell that is first secured by a drawstring at the heel and then by a forefoot strap with a Fidlock magnetic buckle. While it may sound complex, the system is remarkably simple in action, taking inspiration from unlikely sources – including parachutes and the humble brown paper bag. Living up it is title, the model features wet traction lugs in its full-rubber bottom, to ensure maximum grip in all conditions.

Whether you're an urban explorer or a wilderness wanderer, you don't want to miss out on this example of ACG ingenuity when the ACG.07.KMTR hits NDC and select stockists on May 18.

Nike have confirmed that a variety of other Komyuter colourways will release over the coming months.

Whenever turn their attention towards the exploratory line, you know you’re in for a treat. The latest shoe to sport the All Conditions Gear branding is the ACG.07.KMTR, a streamlined bootie-based style that forgoes traditional laces in favour of a toggle and strap cinching system. The ripstop upper, flowing lines and ridged outsole give them and amphibious look, ideal for summer exploration and aquatic adventures.

The NikeLAB ACG.07.KMTR will be available on May 18 from select stockists, get out there!

– Originally published May 3, 2017

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