Nike Roshe Woven Beige Dp
Nike Roshe Woven Beige Sideview
Nike Roshe Woven Beige Perspective
Nike Roshe Woven Beige Heel
Nike Roshe Woven Beige Closeup

Nike Roshe Run Woven 2.0 (Beige/Grey)

The Roshe Run woven 2.0 is back for the ladies and this time, it has been given a beige hit mixed with grey for some sweet tonal contrasts. The 2.0 rendition has some slight variations from the first, but it still retains that now unforgettable silhouette, which always looks great on-foot. You could say that Nike are just milking this Roshe Run craze, but you can't deny the fact that people froth at the mouth over this ish. Plus, we expect these to fly off the shelves, so if you're a somebody in the Roshe Run world, you'll head to Nike retailers like Suppa and pick up a pair pronto.

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