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Nike Wmns Airmax90 Heel Pair 1
Nike Wmns Airmax90 Tongue Detail 1
Nike Wmns Airmax90 Sole 1
Nike Wmns Airmax90 Toecap Detail 1
Nike Wmns Airmax90 Top 1
,Nike Wmns Airmax90 Profile 1
Nike Wmns Airmax90 Hero 1

Nike Wmns Air Max 90 (Chrome Colour)

It certainly would be interesting to know the statistics on how many different colourways Nike have released of the Air Max 90, we must be nearing the millions by now. Regardless, classic hits keep rolling out including this women's release. Colour blends with black and chrome like popcorn goes down with cola… perfectly. Pick up a pair of these PYTs over at SNS.

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