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Nike Shox Set to Bring the Boing Back

Shox are back! One of Nike’s most revered technological terrors returns from the grave to introduce a whole new generation to the joys of pillared soles. When the OG Nike Shox shoes dropped in 2000, their futuristic design was perfect for 'new millennium' attitudes, but the new version comes fully redesigned for the modern-day runner.

The new Shox Gravity utilises a leaf-spring heel plate filled with four pillars with varying compression characteristics providing each sector of the shoe with tailored support – not like one of those single-density ankle-breakers out there. According to the Swoosh there are 25 different versions of the new Shox to come, prepare yourself, 2018 will be the year of boing.

Nike Shox Gravity Small

The Nike Shox Gravity is set to launch in early 2018, stay tuned.

To read the full story behind the creation of the OG Shox, take a look at Material Matters: Nike Shox.

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