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Nike0P 3000 Cncpt 6
Nike0P 3000 Cncpt 3
Nike0P 3000 Cncpt 1
Nike0P 3000 Cncpt 4
Nike0P 3000 Cncpt 2
Nike0P 3000 Cncpt 5
Nike0P 3000 Cncpt 10
Nike0P 3000 Cncpt 8
Nike0P 3000 Cncpt 11
Nike0P 3000 Cncpt 9

Nike Reveal The P-3000 and P-6000 CNCPTs

After tapping the 90s for so long, Nike are looking to another decade for inspiration. Catching the burgeoning trend on the come-up, the newly revealed P-3000 and P-6000 CNCPTs draw from Nike 00s running catalogue, namely the Pegasus 2007.

It sports similar mesh construction to the OG performance shoe, with a bouncy midsole and leather overlays to lock everything down.

Initial images suggest that both P-3000 and P-6000 versions will release, but from first look it doesn’t seem like there’s a huge difference; judging from the colourways it could even be a distinction between men’s and women’s. We’ll have to wait and see.

Either way, it’s a fresh direction for the Swoosh and we’re excited to see what else they’ll dig up from the archive.

No release info is available for these yet, but look forward to a mass drop of 11 colourways.

Via US11.

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