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Nike Officially Announce OG Air Max Plus Retro
Release: 15 December 2018

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Dawn

We’d heard it was coming, we just needed Nike’s word to make sure it wasn’t all a sick joke; the Swoosh just officially announced that an OG Air Max Plus will be blessing us this November. There have been retroes before but, as a 20th anniversary release, this one will be extra special.

For the first time ever, the ‘Purple’ AKA ‘Dawn’ Air Max Plus first sketched by designer Sean McDowell in 1997 will be hitting stores. Rounding out the trio will be the inimitable ‘Hyper Blue’ and legendary ‘Orange Tiger’, the latter coming with one confusing difference: Nike are calling it the ‘Sunset’.

This is where things get confusing, nerdy, and sometimes heated. Though it has a strikingly similar fade, the Sunset came with a black toe guard and silver branding on the tongue. The Orange Tiger has a clear toe guard and red branding on the tongue.

Orange Tiger


Our un-scientific opinion is that the Sunset also has the yellow turned all the way up, while the Orange Tiger has more red. To make it more confusing, there are many who use the names interchangeably — even their designer — because the Orange Tiger was inspired by a Floridian sunset.

Don't care? That's fine. All you really need to know is the release dates. The Hyper Blue, Sunset and Purple will drop in Europe on November 8, November 24, and December 15 respectively. The States will then get pairs on December 22, November 24 and December 15.


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