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Nike Metcon 2 (Royal)

In 2015 CrossFit banned the Nike MetCon 1 from their games. We don’t think too many people would be upset about being banned from a gathering of CrossFit enthusiasts, but given that the ruling was reportedly due to an event deal with Reebok – Nike had to fight back. The company responded by releasing the Metcon 1 in a red and black ‘Banned’ colourway, referencing the Air Jordan 1, which was also ruled against by sporting authoritites.

Continuing on with their tongue-in-cheeck homage to the Jumpman, Nike are dropping their MetCon 2 in the classic ‘Royal’ colourway of the Jay 1. From a performance angle, the light-weight construction has all the necessaries for running, jumping, lifting and just generally strutting around the gym floor. The only thing the shoe is missing is a social media plug-in to allow the wearer to share status updates about CrossFit while they’re at it.

The Nike MetCon 2 will be available soon through CrossFit covens and select Nike stockists.

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