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Nike Lunar Huarache Light Sample Arises

Time is one of those funny things. A couple of years ago when the Hua Light was in steady rotation, a crude photoshop mock of this concept did the rounds through the e-world. To much skepticism, it was quickly written off. As the Huarache Light once again reigns supreme, it looks like Nike didn't take that crude concept shot lightly, as wee see another shaky leak.

Let's break down what we're seeing quickly. There's the full Lunarlon outsole, which should mean even greater comfort added to an already super plush ride, which is not at all bad news. An additional pull tab is added to the tongue, which makes sense, the Lights were occasionally a pain to slip into. Fused mesh uppers and what appears to be a Vac-Tech-esque moulded Swoosh flank the heel – again, not horrible.

We admit this teal, maybe mint cover-all is not the most appealing on first impressions, but let's give these guys a chance. On paper, the additions all tick the right boxes, let's just wait for a better colour scheme to pop up. Stay tuned. Image via

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