Nike Lunar Force 1 High Dyed Canvas Light Crimson Tour Yellow
Nike Lunar Force 1 High Dyed Canvas University Red Black 1
Nike Lunar Force 1 High Dyed Canvas Turbo Green Light Crimson
Nike Lunar Force 1 High Dyed Canvas Black White

Nike Lunar Force 1 (Superheroes Unleashed Pack)

Nike's Lunar Force 1 for lovers of 80s ball steez and light feet gets a four-shoe-strong canvas upper combo here that has been nicknamed the 'Superheroes Unleashed' Pack. No one really has any idea how it earned that nickname, as none of the four releases immediately bring any obvious superheroes to mind, but we're gonna try and match them up for you. The first sneak in the gallery above reminds us most of Batman's sometimes compadre/sometimes enemy ,Catman, who had a pet Siberian tiger called Rasputin that helped him commit crimes like stealing cat-themed objects. The second crazy coloured effort personifies Robbie 'Speedball' Baldwin, who pre-dated the dangerous drug cocktail and used kinetic force fields to bounce himself around to help suffering civilians, and his splotchy dinosaur skin kinda looks like this LF-1, kinda. The third dark green and black Lunar Force doesn't remind us at all of Arm Fall-Off Boy, the superhero who could detach his own limbs and use them as blunt weapons. Then there's the wavy graphic final Force, which kinda looks like the Joy Division Unknown Pleasures cover, so therefore is the official Ian Curtis shoe, a superhero to many numb souls in the 70s – see a drawing of him as Batman here. All of these deadly but friendly superhero Lunar Forces can start saving your life on May 10th when the begin to hit retailers here and there including Kinetics.

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