Nike Black History Month Lunar Force 1 High1
Nike Sp14 Bhm Nsw Lunar Af1 Lux
Nike Sp14 Bhm Nsw Lunar Af1 Lux Strap
Nike Sp14 Bhm Nsw Lunar Af1 Lux Heel

Nike Lunar Air Force 1 Lux (Bhm)

It's not an Air Force 1, it's not a Lunar Force 1, it's a Lunar Air Force 1 Lux and it's tall, beefy, big and cheesy. A blackened upper makes the gold detailing shine all the harder and the icy outsole look even colder – there's also some intricate details here on the strap and lace area for those fiending for a bit of pattern action. And there we have it, finally, we've explored all of Nike's Black History Month releases! It took us a couple of days, but these creations have probably been in motion for a year, so maybe our job wasn't as exhausting as we make it sound. All net proceeds (up to $1 million) generated by the 2014 BHM Collection during February will go to the new Nike Ever Higher Fund, which ‘will support charitable initiatives that leverage the power of sport to maximize the human potential of underserved youth’. The 2014 BHM Collection will debut with promotional product during pro basketball’s Martin Luther King Day games on January 20. The full 2014 BHM Collection will be available worldwide on Nike.com and at select global retail locations beginning February 1.

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