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The Nike LeBron 19 Low 'Fruity Pebbles' Features Colour-Changing Air Units!

Nike LeBron 19 Low 'Fruity Pebbles'
Nike LeBron 19 Low 'Fruity Pebbles'

As a kid, LeBron James loved eating Fruity Pebbles. Now, as a 37-year-old superstar who's widely regarded as one of the three greatest NBA players of all time, King James is looking back to his childhood with an official Fruity Pebbles iteration of his LeBron 19 Low.

Some of the inspiration on 'Bron's cereal-inspired kicks is obvious, like the close-up photography of Fruity Pebbles on the tongue and collar. Some is more comical, like the insole print of a cartoonized LeBron leaping for a slam over Fred Flinstone. And some is highly technical, like the Photochromic DCS technology on the Air units, which enables them to transition from clear to purple in direct sunlight. 'To have an original pair of my Nike sneakers pay tribute to my favourite cereal growing up is surreal', noted James. 'Putting them on and seeing the colourway come to life is even better'.

This isn't the first acknowledgement of James' love of the cereal on his signature Nike line – a now-iconic LeBron 4 'Fruity Pebbles' PE appeared in 2006, while later models like the LeBron 15 also got in on the action – but it is the first official LeBron/Fruity Pebbles colab, and it's loaded up with special detail.

You can play to win if you're looking to get your hands on a pair of the Nike LeBron 19 'Fruity Pebbles'. There's a new variety of Pebbles cereal called 'Magic Fruity Pebbles', which boasts red and yellow rice flakes that turn your milk purple, a la the colour-shifting detail on the shoe's Air units.

Each box comes with a code for 20 per cent off a single item on the Nike web store, and a chance to win a pair of shoes. If you'd rather just buy them, they'll release via SNKRS on March 7 (the same day the cereal will hit shelves), and are priced at $160.

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