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Nike LeBron 13 Kids (Mini Hoop)

Rounding out the kids-only 'Toy Collection' from Nike Basketball is the 'Mini Hoop' LeBron 13. Now we all remember those slamma-jamma moments we had as kids, playing 1-on-1 with our friends or siblings on a mini-hoop, throwing all sorts of off-the-wall trick shots, never dribbling the ball once and occasionally putting a knee threw a wall or busting up ya mama's favourite vase – everyone has to hone there skills somewhere, right? And when we say someone, that also includes superstars like LeBron James, coz, like, he was probably a kid once too. The 'Mini Hoop' LBJ13 runs rich with cues from those days, from the net-printed graphic on the inner lining, right down to the faded upper, a reference to a mini-hoop's adjustable height. Ball sports may turn young kids into walking wrecking balls, but at least with a pair of these on foot they can't still look fresh while they enjoy destroying the joint. Catch 'em on and select Swoosh accounts from November 25 onwards.,

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