Nike Lebron 11 Ext Blue Suede 7
Nike Lebron 11 Ext Blue Suede 9
Nike Lebron 11 Ext Blue Suede 8
Nike Lebron 11 Ext Blue Suede 6
Nike Lebron 11 Ext Blue Suede 5
,Nike Lebron 11 Ext Blue Suede 4
Nike Lebron 11 Ext Blue Suede 3
Nike Lebron 11 Ext Blue Suede 2
Nike Lebron 11 Ext Blue Suede 1
Lbj Ext Suede Sideview21
Lbj Ext Suede Dp
Lbj Ext Suede Tongue
Lbj Ext Suede Toebox2
Lbj Ext Suede Toebox
Lbj Ext Suede Sole
Lbj Ext Suede Sideview2
Lbj Ext Suede Sideview
Lbj Ext Suede Perspective2
Lbj Ext Suede Perspective
Lbj Ext Suede Heel2
Lbj Ext Suede Heel
Lbj Ext Suede Closeup

Nike LeBron 11 Ext (Blue Suede)

UPDATE: Still no good word when these mesmerising 'Blue Suede' Lebron 11 joints will be dropping, but just to get you fiendin' that little bit more we have a fresh batch of unseen imagery thanks to The Hundreds. Grab a towel and maybe a trowel, these LBJ's will have you laying LEBricks. Look for these dropping in limited quantities via Kith commencing April 10.

The Denim, Hazelnut and Black Suede LeBron X EXTs were esoteric highlights from 2014's B-Ball lineup, and Nike is looking to repeat the adventures this year with the LeBron 11, and this cookie monster is a bold way to start. Forget the tough nut Hyperposite panelling that defines the normal 11, luxurious royal blue suede cloaks almost all of the shoe, meaning this ain't a pair to take on the streetball courts – this Bronny is for lounge room dancing and fancy dinners only. All that blueness sandwiches in some blackness, with leather tongue and lacing playing the queen of darkness at this costume party. No word on a release date yet, but we'll let you know. Pics via Long 7.

- Originally published February 1, 2014.

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