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Nike Kyrie 2 (Inferno)

The return of Kyrie Irving's soft knees to the hardwood is not far off now and Nike has made sure that he'll be ready – the Nike Kyrie 2 has been officially unveiled. Looking like a high tech ball boot fit for right now and a potential street walking favourite of the future, the Kyrie 2 boasts some exciting new features. The sole should immediately grab you, because it is damn massive; its most advantageous attribute is the the rounded, asymmetrical heel, which enables the Oz-born baller to change direction rapidly without slapping his foot on the ground. The traction surface on the outsole extends onto the midsole so Kyrie can run like a crab if he wants to and still keep his grip; and then there's eye-grabbing strap, which designer Leo Chang says is designed to 'suck your heel back into the shoe and keep it secure.' The Nike Kyrie 2 is available for pimping on NIKEid now, but this 'Inferno' colourway drops on January 1. Fuego! Fuego!

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