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Nike Kyrie 2 (On Court)

UPDATE: Cleveland have absolutely demolished the NBA Playoffs – completely undefeated at the time of writing – thanks in no small part to the Cav's point leader Kyrie Irving. On his feet, the Kyrie 2 in this bold Cavs inspired make-up. Is it the shoes? You'll need to take to the court to find out, but these images from New Orleans sneaker boutique Sneaker Politics are schmick enough to make even the most die-hard Warriors fan contemplate swapping sides – a little White Out on the heel and you're good to go!

Available right now from and Nike Basketball stockists worldwide.

Nike are having a lot of fun with the Kyrie 2 lately. The shoe has been getting some nicer, more animated colourways than most of its peers. The 'Red Velvet', 'Krispy Kreme' and 'Kyrache' colourways all burst on to the such a short period of time that the sneaker world has been forced to look at the shoe with a keener eye. And, it doesn't seem like the silhouette is about to choke under pressure. The next Kyrie colourway is a sleekly executed Cavalier-coloured addition which comes in the team's blue and gold, with 'J.B.Y.' – which stands for Just Be You – on the inner tongue in maroon.

The Nike Kyrie 2 is set to release on May 19 from

– Originally published May 12th, 2016

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