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Nike Kyrie 1 (Flytrap)

UPDATE: Reminder that it's dropping today!

Always keen for a good yarn, Nike's latest release of the Kryie 1 takes things well outside of the box. Just bear with us here – Kyrie and the Venus Flytrap have more in common than one would think! A phenomenon of on-court speed and agility, Kyrie's quickness has been compared to the split-second instinctive speed of the flytrap itself. The same type of predatory senses Mr Miyagi harnesses when he's catching flies mid-air with chopsticks. With that in mind, the emerald, menta and fuchsia flash colour-combo makes perfect sense – even if it looks slightly like those tube plants from the old Super Mario games that shot fireballs. Who'd have thought, a Venus flytrap inspired sneaker! Sneakers are awesome. Sneakers are awesome – $110.00 USD when these land at and Nike accounts from February 26.

- Originally Published February 19th, 2015

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