Kobe 9 Feature Dp
Kobe 9 Whtgry Tongue
Kobe 9 Whtgry Toebox Detail
Kobe 9 Whtgry Sole
Kobe 9 Whtgry Sideview
Kobe 9 Whtgry Heel
,Kobe 9 Perspective Tongue
Kobe 9 Perspective Toebox
Kobe 9 Perspective Sole
Kobe 9 Perspective Sideview
Kobe 9 Perspective Heel
Kobe 9 Inspire Tongue
Kobe 9 Inspire Toebox
Kobe 9 Inspire Sole
Kobe 9 Inspire Sideview
Kobe 9 Inspire Heel
Kobe 9 Feature

Nike Kobe 9 Elite (Triple Threat Pack)

We're less than two weeks away from the debut drop of the Kobe 9 in the Masterpiece colourway, and now we've got some eye candy of further colourways to sink our sweet teeth into. Here we see the 'Triple Threat' pack, which draws its colour palette inspiration from some serious Black Mamba biographical sneaker story telling. First up is the 'Inspiration', and the Nike press release doesn't do a whole lot to explain the colour other than saying Bryant has 'bled purple and gold' since his rookie season, and while this shoe features streaks of gold through the Flyknit upper, there's not much purp to be seen. Nevertheless, Kobe will step out onto the hardwood in this number, which bears a striking similarity to the Masterpiece, when he returns from his latest ailment. Next up is the 'Perspective', which was inspired by Pablo Picasso's 'blue period' because Kobe plays as beautiful as ol' Picasso baby paints. It is, fittingly, very blue, with flashes of hot volt. Finally, there is the 'Detail', which calls on Michelangelo's supreme sense for intricate detail, and features a distinct smoggy print across some of the panelling. This triad of dangerous sneaks will land on March 22 at Nike basketball retailers. News via Nike, INC.

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