Kobe 9 Whtgry Sideview
Kobe 9 Whtgry Sideview
Kobe 9 Whtgry Sideview

Nike Kobe 9 Elite (Detail)

After showing you the whole artful gang a little while back, we're shining a light on each release from the Kobe 9 Elite 'Triple Threat Pack'. Each sneaker has a story behind its design related to a famous art movement that somehow draws parallels with Kobe's life – some of the connections are tenuous but we always applaud brands that aren't afraid to get a bit crazy. Here we spot the 'Detail', which is said to channel a bit of Michelangelo in the overlay print– not so much his intricate and colourful ecclesiastical paintings, but more the marble he used to forge one of his most famous works from the early 1500s. We would still love to see the Sistine Chapel ceiling sprawled all over a shoe though. The connection to Kobe must be that Nike consider him a bit of a renaissance man – he can ball, he's smart, he can rap a little; what else do you need? The full gang of Kobe Elites will land on March 22 at Nike basketball retailers.

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