Nike Kobe 8 Prelude Profile
Nike Kobe 8 Prelude Top
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Nike Kobe 8 (Prelude)

The road to the release of the Nike Kobe 9 has been long but there have been a lot of fine sights on the way. Every week for the last couple of months we've seen a bring-back of a Kobe model encapsulating a special Kobe achievement in its design. It's called the Prelude series, and this is the final part, a Kobe 8 that flourishes in bright colours and has a sheeny reflective finish that represents all the reflecting on the sidelines Kobe did last season after shredding that golden Mamba Achilles. The Kobe Prelude VIII will be available on January 25 in limited quantities on , (North America, Greater China and Western Europe) and at select retailers in North America and Greater China.

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