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Nike Kobe 2 (Prelude)

Nike Kobe 2 Prelude ProfileNike Kobe 2 Prelude Profile
Nike Kobe 2 Prelude Heel
Nike Kobe 2 Prelude Top
Nike Kobe 2 Prelude Angle
Nike Kobe 2 Prelude Outsole

Nike is taking the launch of the as an opportunity to reflect on the Black Mamba's explosive career since signing with the Swoosh just under a decade ago. They're bringing out all eight preceding models in order each week in new colourways as a special 'Prelude' to the new silhouette's release. After the of last week, we get to see an all-new Kobe 2 here. The upper is clad in a marbled rock colourway with gold accenting, chosen because this is the shoe that Kobe was wearing when Kobe truly began carving his name in B-Ball history. The Kobe 1 was an ode to the player's 81-point game and this sneak's significant moment is the four straight games Kobe nailed 50+ points in, becoming only the second man after Wilt Chamberlain to have such a streak. A graphic representing that treatment sits on the insole. Each shoe will be available in limited quantities on (North America, Greater China and Western Europe) and at select retailers in North America and Greater China.

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