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Nike Kd8 (Vinary)

So Nike can be pretty aloof in their storytelling. Let's take the new KD8 'Vinary' as an example; Nike writes in their press release that "this collection pays tribute to two of his favourite on-court idols; clutch performers whom have exemplified excellence in every aspect of the game". At the point of possible lawsuits and so on, we're left taking some stabs in the dark at this one. Breaking down the name 'Vinary' and the colour scheme used, some Vince Carter ties seem evident, taking the 'VIN' and combining that with the Toronto Raptors jersey colours. Some of other other sources are making claims that the 'ARY' part in the name could be a nod to the great Larry Bird, a rightful legend that KD has openly exclaimed his constant praise for. Backstory or not, these look pretty slick. Realistically, the story doesn't really matter, if you like the look of these cop them when they drop on October 1 on and at select Swoosh accounts.,

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