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Nike Kd8 Hunt’ S Hill Night21
Nike Kd8 Hunt’ Shillnight
Nike Kd8 Hunt’ S Hill Night51
Nike Kd8 Hunt’ S Hill Night41
Nike Kd8 Hunt’ S Hill Night11

Nike Kd8 (Hunt’s Hill Night)

September is right around the corner and, as you'd expect, Nike are bringing out another KD8 leading into the next NBA season; this time paying tribute to Kevin Durant's gruelling training regime as a young'un to become the All-Star player he is today. Like the 'Hunt's Hill Sunrise' before it, the Nike KD8 'Hunt's Hill Night' returns to the Maryland landmark for inspiration. Every night KD would scale the 75 foot incline a total of 25 times to build the strength and stamina that were required to reach the pinnacle of the NBA. Nike have chosen a combination of grey and black on the Flyweave upper to represent the roads Durant would run on to scale the peak, as well as a translucent mint green outsole giving it a fresh look for the summer. Set to release on September 2nd through select Swoosh accounts, stay tuned here for more release updates.,

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