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04 Feb 2015

Releases KD7

Nike Kd7 (Peanut Butter & Jelly)

Kd 7 Pnandj Bumper ThumbKd 7 Pnandj Bumper Thumb

UPDATE: Just landed over at Sneaker Politics. These belong on every little hoop-stars feet - #realtalk

Nike looks to have started a sticky new tradition for the KD line, as we see another Durant signature sneak inspired by the MVP's favourite childhood spread combo. Last year's was a surprise hit, mainly for its quirky concept, but this is less gumboot-neck-snapper and more a shoe that could actually be worn on the semi-reg... maybe. Grape jelly drips down the tough shell panelling, hooking up with a like-minded Swoosh, while the peanut shoutouts come on the midfoot strap and outsole. Feb 4 is the reputed release date for these ones.

Pic via Sole Collector.

- Originally Published January 14th, 2015

04 Feb 2015

Releases KD7

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