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Nike HyperAdapts Are Dropping in Larger Numbers, Will Be Cheaper

Nike Hyperadapt 1Nike Hyperadapt 1

are still determined to make their self-lacing more accessible. During their last earnings call, sentiments aligned with — HyperAdapts . We got vague promises of a price drop and larger distribution, but now Nike have narrowed the timeline.

In an investor call, Mark Parker said that the futuristic footwear would be available ‘at more accessible price points and in greater quantities’ from next year. Interestingly, it doesn’t sound like these will be the HyperAdapts that we know. This will be a new version, which athletes wear-tested through the US summer.

Just how many shoes will release and for how cheap isn’t known. However, with the boon from their Kaepernick campaign and a 5 per cent growth in their footwear sector, Nike have resources to change the numbers significantly.


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