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Nike Have More Flyknit Trainers On The Way

Nike Flyknit Trainer Deep Purple 1Nike Flyknit Trainer Deep Purple 1

It’s strange to consider how quickly sneaker technology is moving forward. When the  was released in 2012 it was, by far, one of the most advanced sneakers on the market. Now, with shoes like the and on the streets, it has a sort of low-fi look to it. But, as all good sneakers eventually transition from performance to lifestyle, the simple knitted design is perfectly suited to life in the reasonably paced lane.

Now that we’ve seen a few muted colourways hit the shelves, the Flyknit machines are being loaded up with a deep purple for the next round. Mixed with a dash of black and set on a sliver of white foam, the new Trainer might just be the shoe you’ve been dreaming of.

The Nike Flyknit Trainer ‘Deep Purple’ hasn’t been given any release deets yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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