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12 Jul 2017

Releases Dunk

Nike Dunk Low JP (atmos)

Nike Dunk Low Jp Atmos 7Nike Dunk Low Jp Atmos 7
Nike Dunk Low Jp Atmos 9
Nike Dunk Low Jp Atmos 11
Nike Dunk Low Jp Atmos 10
Nike Dunk Low Jp Atmos 8
Nike Dunk Low Jp Atmos 6
Nike Dunk Low Jp Atmos 4
Nike Dunk Low Jp Atmos 3
Nike Dunk Low Jp Atmos 1
Nike Dunk Atmos Blue Pair
Nike Dunk Low Atmos 4
Nike Dunk Low Atmos 3
Nike Dunk Low Atmos 2
Nike Dunk Low Atmos 1

UPDATE: We're knocking on the door of this Nike Dunk Low 'atmos' release, and the store that created them kindly answered with some new imagery. The sneakers can be seen in full detail along with artwork of characters wearing clothing inspired by the shoe itself. Lap up the pics and call your Japanese connect, because these will only be available in the Land of the Rising Sun on July 15.

have enlisted heavy hitters to bring back their series. The line – exclusive to Japan – kicks off with Lows, and for this one  have teamed up with to delve into the history books.

If this Dunk's inspiration isn't immediately apparent, don't fret – it's one of those ‘real heads know’ moments. Packed with Easter eggs for sneakerheads, the story behind this drop starts with a ‘Georgetown’ Terminator from ’85. The baller joined seven Dunks in Nike’s 'Be True To Your School' pack, but that's intel you don’t get any points for knowing – it's sneakers 101. What will get you numbers on the board is remembering atmos’ Dunk and drops from 2001, which chopped the Terminator’s colourway into tonal opposites and were released only in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Now, atmos have whacked them both into one mismatched pair of Dunks Lows. The right shoe reps the AF-1 with layers outlined in ‘Union Blue’, while the left opts for the silvery ‘Union Grey’ of its Dunk forefather. Patent leather then wraps the heel, reflecting light like a Harajuku high-rise.

The Nike Dunk Low JP will be available on July 15 from atmos, Nike Harajuku and NikeLAB MA5.

– Originally published on June 15, 2017

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12 Jul 2017

Releases Dunk

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